Orthophotomaps of Oeiras produced by SOCARTO

Ortofotomapas de Oeiras produzidos pela SOCARTO

Socarto was the company selected (after a public tender procedure) by the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras for the execution of orthophotomaps RGBI with 10cm geometric resolution of the Municipality, and approved by the Direção Geral do Território of Portugal.

This coverage was carried out with a lateral overlap of 60% and a longitudinal overlap of 80%, involving the use of a state-of-the-art Vexel Ultra-Cam Eagle camera, allowing its execution from just 555 frames.

The recognition of the importance of geographic information in supporting municipal management as well as the concern in selecting the best companies for its production has been a hallmark of the management of Câmara Municioal de Oeiras.

Thus, this contract is the recognition by Câmara Municipal de Oeiras of the superior quality and excellence of Socarto’s orthophoto mapping services, in relation to all other market operators.

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