Socarto leads mapping in Portugal

Homologações Cartográficas

SOCARTO entered 2022 with the commitment to keep on the growth path it has achieved recently, and the results for January show that we are on the right track!

In the first month of the year, we started two new projects to support the implementation of the Simplified Cadastral Information System, within the scope of the BUPi – Balcão Único do Prédio initiative, namely, in the Municipality of Vila Real and in the Municipality of Murça. There are already 6 projects of the same scope that SOCARTO is developing.

Regarding cartography, 4 more processes were concluded for the approval of Level 1 Cartography, produced by SOCARTO for the Municipalities of Lousã, Condeixa-a-Nova, Odemira and Coruche, as a basis for the execution of Detailed and Urbanization Plans. The approval of the cartography for the Municipality of Vendas Novas, with Level of Detail 2, necessary for the revision of the Municipal Master Plan, was also concluded.

SOCARTO thus reinforces its leadership in the production of mapping according to the new technical specifications of the DGT, with 14 completed Level of Detail 1 processes and 2 Municipalities mapped with Level of Detail 2”.

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